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Western (immuno-) blottingsanta cruz biotechnology, inc

Collect approximately 2.0 x 10 7 cells by low-s.d centrifugation (e.g. 200xg) at room temperature for 5 minutes. carefully remove culture medium.

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Mouse monoclonal anti-fitc gold conjugates. for the electron microscopic visualization of fitc labels used in light microscopic specimens.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (chip) protocol

This protocol is intended to provide general guidelines, experimental settings, and conditions for chip, the immunoprecipitation of protein-dna complethat might

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Active motif offers research kits,ays and biocomputing systems that help researchers study the function, regulation and interactions between genes, proteins and

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Rk-525a101101 cgmp [125 i] ria kit (ref: rk-525) for research use only. not for use in diagnostic procedures. the [125 i]cgmp ria system (dual range)

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Amla-c plus tablets (500 tablets) instructions: take 2-10 tablets per day. consuming more than the recommended dosage will not cause any harm due to the fact that

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Enzyme-linked immuno-sorbentay (elisa) mechanism: the basic mechanism involved in these test utilizes absorption of antigen to a solid substrate which is placed

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Cervical Cancer Symptoms And Signs, Lessons To Be Learnt From Jade Goody

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The death of Jade Goody has cervical cancer, we believe that we must be careful with this deadly disease. There Lessons to learn from this episode Jade Goody for us to carefully monitor the possible symptoms of cervical cancer, signs and possible cure. Cervical cancer ranks first among cancers in women in most developing countries. It constitutes 34 percent of all female cancers. The approximate overall incidence of women who suffer each year from cancer of the cervix is 500,000. Although women at all ages are at risk of cervical cancer is most often seen in women from mid-30s to 55, average age 47.

Most people are terribly misinformed about cancer of the cervix uteri. It has nothing to do with the spinal cord or neck. It is a disease in which cancerous cells are found in the tissues of the cervix. The cervix, which is the bottom of the uterus, vagina connects the body of the uterus. The collar is pink. It is covered with squamous cells, which are large scale like in appearance. The cervical canal is lined with another type of cell called columnar cells The area where these two types of cells called T-zone meeting or the transformation zone is the area most likely can cause abnormal cell growth.

How do I know if I have cancer of the cervix: At first, it is very difficult to determine whether you have cancer of the cervix, because there are no obvious symptoms. irregular bleeding, bleeding or pain during intercourse or vaginal discharge, chronic back pain, which are symptoms that may be linked to cancer of the cervix, appear to offer an advanced stage. Who is at risk for cancer of the cervix? Those who have unprotected sex: Most sexually active women have the potential to lead to an HPV virus is transmitted by skin to skin contact with an area infected with HPV.

Sex at an early age, unprotected sex and multiple sex partners increases the risk of a woman to become infected with HPV. In other words, infection with HPV can cause cervical cancer. The use of condoms for reasons of unprotected sex, can not help because the virus can be transmitted through skin to skin contact in the genital area not covered by a condom. But this does not mean that we should not use a condom, it is very important to protect against AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of cancer of the cervix.

The chemicals produced by smoking can damage the DNA of cervical cells, cervical cancer cells. Chlamdiya infection: Chlamydia, a bacterium in nature is also a pony, triggered by sexual contact. Diet low in fruits and vegetables: women who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables perish antioxidant properties that prevent cancer in check. Phytochemicals, such as vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene is known to prevent cancer of the cervix. • Infection with HIV: women who have an immune system weakened by diseases such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) can also suffer from cancer of the cervix. The long-term oral contraceptives: using long-term contraceptive that five or more years may increase women’s chances of developing cancer of the cervix.

Family history of cancer of the cervix: Women with a family history of cancer of the cervix are also at risk. A person who has a family history of disease may be genetically less able to fight HPV infection better than other women. How are diagnosed with cervical cancer? As mentioned previously, pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse or other vaginal discharge are signs, but does not mean you have cancer of the cervix. It is best if you see a doctor tells you to have a Pap test Pap test, a speculum or a standard device used to examine the cervix are placed in the vagina.

The cells are skimmed from the surface of the surface of the cervix with a cotton swab, then spread on a glass slide. Another sample is taken from the T-zone with a plastic spatula. Some new testing techniques called Pap test liquid that provides greater accuracy. The sample is sent to a laboratory where the Pap smear (a person who reviewed the slides) and a pathologist examines the sample to detect any abnormalities. The Pap test is usually accurate and can be used to detect cancer of the cervix, even in the early stages. To increase the reliability of the Pap test, go to the doctor two weeks after her last menstrual period and avoiding sexual intercourse, douching, using tampons or vaginal creams, powders, suppositories, aerosols, etc. less 48 hours before the test. A BN abnormal Pap smear report not mean you have cancer of the cervix. It simply means that you have some type of cellular changes in cells lining the surface of the cervix

The Pap smear is only a means of detection, there is other evidence that are important to confirm the Pap smear abnormalities and diagnosis. You need a follow-retest again after a few months. Depending on the degree of abnormality, the doctor may also recommend a biopsy, a colposcopy (magnified view of the vagina and cervix) and curettage. What should be the consistency of Pap smear: Screening should begin three years after a woman begins to have sex. It is recommended to have a Pap test every two or three years. The combination of HPV testing with Pap smears should be considered for routine screening for women over 30 years. See my blog below to find a cure for cancer of the cervix.

V.S.ARUNRAJ believes health is truly our wealth and an investment in our health can lead us to live a fulfilling, rewarding life mentally and physically. Know about cervical cancer cure

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Mesothelioma Mesomark Blood Test

MESOSELIOMA MESOMARK BLOOD TEST The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the MESOMARK assay to help monitor response to treatment in malignant mesothelioma patients. The MESOMARK test signifies the beginning of a new era in monitoring mesothelioma malignancies,” said Dr. W. Jeffrey Allard, vice president and chief scientific officer of Fujirebio Diagnostics. “As the first [...]

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Therapy for the vagina for no pain during sexual intercourse.

National Health Service (NHS) England found not a few married women who experience vaginismus. NHS called this phenomenon can not be ignored because of recovery needs physical therapy and psychological. Vaginismus is a spontaneous spasm of the muscles around the vagina, seizures that occurred this makes the vagina shut so it will feel pain during [...]

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Beneath the momentary pleasures offered ecstasy pills were already threatening effects of brain damage. Researchers from Australia have even found Ecstasy pills are often mixed with various other types of drugs so that the impact of the damage worse. This latest study mentions the equally harmful ecstasy users greater brain damage. “Research is seen in [...]

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Cervical Cancer Causes Other Than Hpv

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