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I Feel A Heart Beat In My Calf

I have been feeling a burning sensation in my left calf

Hi, i would like to ask a few more questions. where is the burning, i.e., does it feel spread diffusely throughout the calf or does it seem to follow a specific "line"?

Strange feeling of heat in my leg - undiagnosed symptoms

For the last few days i've been getting a very strange sensation in my right leg, between the back of my knee and the top of my calf. it's a feeling of

Aching calf muscles - heart disease - medhelp

Hi, if you are taking zoloft,would you mind helping me out? my cardio has prescribed it for fatigue possibly from ncs (which has seemed to hold true

Tore a muscle in my calf; how long to heal?

A week ago while in a hurry, i twisted my leg the wrong way and felt (heard?) a snap on the inside side of my calf muscle. the er doc diagnosed it as a muscle tear


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Faqs: i have pain in my calf and foot. my doctor says i

Disease faqs. q. i recently saw my family doctor for pain in my calf and foot. my family doctor said i have a herniated disc in my low back, so she referred me to a

Veal - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Veal is the meat of young cattle , in contrast to the beef from older cattle. though veal can be produced from a calf of either and any breed, most veal comes

Lump in calf muscle - medhelp - medhelp - health community

I have recently started excercising and have just noticed a lump/knot which is located below my calf muscle, it is soft on top but firmer when pressing in.it is

Can you please help me ? i feel like i have a knot in my chest

Knot in my chest i have a knot on the right side of my chest near my collar bone. i noticed it today and not

Rubber band feeling around calf - chronic pain

Does anyone else have this? it's only on one side & it feels like a rubber band is around the middle of my calf (about where trouser socks hit). it's been going on

Spices Lowering Triglycerides

Spices are not only useful to make food more delicious to eat, but also nutritious erode bad fats in the body. According to recent research published in The Journal of Nutrition, adds some spice into the types of foods can help reduce the adverse effects of fatty foods, especially lowering triglyceride levels. “Antioxidant spices play [...]

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What is Cervical Cancer and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Definition of cervical cancer of the uterus: Cancer that forms in tissues of the cervix (the organ connecting the uterus and vagina). Usually slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms, but may face regular Pap tests (a procedure in which cells are scraped from the cervix and viewed under a microscope). The cervix is the [...]

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What To Expect From A Mesothelioma Class Action Lawyer

A class action lawsuit is where individuals come together for their similar compensations and complaints. This is effective as it saves the court’s time along with resources by enabling a single judge to hear the combined complaints. If you or anyone in your family has contracted the deadly disease of mesothelioma or other asbestos related [...]

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Learning the Facts About Hormonal Therapy of the Prostate Cancer

A way to treat the Prostate Cancer is by means of cutting off the quantity of the testosterone along with its related hormones that are circulating to the body and slow the growth of the tumor or minimize the prostate tumor. The same with the other treatments, hormonal therapy has a disadvantage that includes the [...]

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A Brief Overview of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease caused by a mutation in prostate cells are growing at an increasing rate. Prostate cancer can develop at any age but is more common in older men and risks increase significantly with age. In some men, cancer can develop unnoticed and the men die of other causes, but if detected [...]

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